First Things First…


I only own a small carry on suitcase and that is great for work trip in the UK, but will not work so much for a bigger trip so I’ve been researching luggage over the past month (told you I’m a planner!) to find the perfect travel companion for my next wanderings.


On previous trips I took a trusty black duffel type bag on wheels, but my Mum recently admitted she broke it. Well the handle has bent and is not more annoying than anything, but seeing as my Mum bought it for me when I was about 12 for a school water sports trip, the case has really lasted quite well – 14 years is good going!


So now it’s time to for a new investment!

Who knew luggage shopping was quite so complicated? Like I said, I have been googling and looking in shops for about a month, comparing colours, weights, capacities, and styles. There are so many!

I had to come up with a check list of priorities to make sure I chose the right one:

  1. Nice Design/Colour
  2. Wheeled
  3. 65 Litre Capacity Minimum
  4. Light Weight
  5. Multi Use
  6. Price

As you can see, my top priority might not be most peoples, but colour and design is very important to me.  Also, price plays a bigger part than the bottom of the list implies – I have a budget!

So after looking on the internet I decided that this type of shopping required a wander round the shops. I dragged my mum on a new adventure – Luggage Shopping!

I saw quite a few bags, but only 3 I really liked.

A while a go I saw this bag in Animal, I didn’t get it, but bought the design in a the wash bag instead.


First spot of the shopping trip -  a Dakine Roller:


Second – an Eastpak roller


Then as Mum hadn’t seen the Animal one I took her to see that too!


I liked all three cases, but only LOVED one – can you guess which?

This one!


So after spending over half an hour in the Animal shop debating with myself and my Mum over price, weight and capacity, I chose the Animal one with a matching hand luggage laptop bag!


My friend Sian laughed as I bought a new laptop bag (which I also LOVE) to take travelling, about a month ago, and stood in that shop for half an hour debating whether to buy that. But never mind.

I am now the owner of a matching luggage set!


Now I really can’t wait to get wandering!


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