Italian Food

I love the food in Italy!

Actually food is a big part of any holiday I think, but when in Italy I cannot resist.

There is the gelato…

Amalfi Coast Canon 048Amalfi Coast Canon 146Amalfi Coast Canon 110Amalfi Coast Canon 118Amalfi Coast SLR 467

The pizza…
Amalfi Coast Canon 120Amalfi Coast Canon 122

We even got to watch them make it in the hotel!
Amalfi Coast Canon 130Amalfi Coast Canon 142Amalfi Coast Canon 139

The bread…

Amalfi Coast Canon 102


The drinks…
Amalfi Coast Canon 046Amalfi Coast Canon 103Amalfi Coast Canon 107


Also the pasta, which i don’t normally eat as much of, but when in Italy…

Amalfi Coast Canon 066Amalfi Coast Canon 069

Amalfi Coast Canon 224Amalfi Coast Canon 225

The cheese…

Amalfi Coast Canon 188Amalfi Coast Canon 199Amalfi Coast SLR 233Amalfi Coast Canon 072Amalfi Coast Canon 197

Then the desserts!
Amalfi Coast Canon 047Amalfi Coast Canon 090Amalfi Coast Canon 228Amalfi Coast Canon 099

It was all So Good! I will be adding some of the ingredients to my recipes and also trying to recreate a few of the simple, but delicious past dishes – I’ll let you know how I get on!

The fact that most meals were 4 courses has meant I’ve put on weight, but I don’t know how much as have decided not to weigh straight after holidays as I’m all out of sync on sleep and normal eating, so I’ll give it a week then find out how bad it is.

I need to sort out a meal plant o rectify the overindulgence and get back into exercise, but I won’t be able to get into the full swing of those things until next week as am off to a spa today then off to Inverness at the weekend!

There has been a lot of wandering since I start this blog, but all wanderings will be on hold until I leave for Canada, so it will be all about planning for that and I’ll post of some past wanderings too!


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