Pumping It Up!

I went back to Body Pump tonight!


Photo Credit: Totally Les Mills

This was the first exercise class I have done since the end of May! I had to check this, but unfortunately is true.

I’m so happy my friends Helly and Baz came along tonight as I think with the heat I would have used it as an excuse and cancelled, but I didn’t. I got there early and set us up on the back row. I was starting to sweat during the set up, so the hall must have been warm (it definitely was all my down to my lost fitness)


I got the suggested weights piece of paper again as I couldn’t remember what I was lifting last time I was there and thought it would probably be a good idea to start from the beginning and work my way up again.


And I’m so glad I did! I was sweating straight away. I really liked the music used during this session. I don’t think it’s the current release, but when the instructors are allowed to mix it up for a few weeks. I must learn the name of the instructor, but his choices were great.

A bit of Belinda Carlisle Summer Rain? Yes Please!

I worked hard and was glad I’d done a bit of reading earlier on weight training as it made me approach the class thinking high reps therefore light weights. I usually want to lift as much as possible, but that is not what pump is about.

I got through every track without stopped (except lunges – evil!) so I know for next time I need to go up a bit as I should have struggled a bit more on the last sets.

Overall it felt great to get back into exercise and I felt good all the way through (except the lunges – evil) and now sat down blogging I feel tired, but good tired, not lethargic like I have been recently.

Exercising is a huge part of healthy living, which I will be writing about soon!


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