Canada Update

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I’ve got a few general goals I want to work on before heading to Canada:

  • Lose weight – not going to set a specific goal on this I just want my clothes to fit again
  • Exercise 5-6 times a week
  • Work hard at eating mindfully
  • Do a lot of reading around healthy living
  • Get over some medical problems

I need to develop SMART goals. I’ll re-post on this when I have time to sit down and think about them properly. I think all of the above are SMART but I need to define them in terms of the specific SMART points.

My initial date for going to Canada is not set in stone, however I do have a date in mind.

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It has been a bit back and forth recently and even more recently I could approach things a bit differently. This is all to do with the fact I am on a 2 year fixed term contract at work and have always said I would be flexible and keep my options open. A new option has just been presented to me and I really quite like the idea. It basically involved taking a 3 month break and then come back to the job. This might sound completely different from what I was talking about in a previous post. However I have no idea what the job market is like in Canada and if it is anything like at home it will not be easy to get any jobs, therefore I have said to myself and saved enough money to travel for 3 months while looking for work.

Therefore the break option sounds very interesting to me. There are a few ‘ifs’, the main being the extension of my contract and a few others that I can’t go into just yet, but it makes me less nervous about going as I know I will be coming back to a good job.

Then I think it is the safe option, which I suppose it is really, but I have a few unsaid reasons for wanting the safe option right now.

I have realised that I panic when new options are given to me. I spent most of yesterday unable to concentrate as had all these thought swirling round my head. Then I sat down with my parent and talked it through.

I think it is all about control. This option is out of my control and that makes me nervous. going to Canada was my decision and I was in control of when and where I go, now I am left to wait for the ‘ifs’ to be determined before a final decision can be made.

I like decisions. I’m not good and not knowing what I’m doing. I hate faffing about things that can be decided quickly and simply.

Unfortunately this is the real world and this is not one of those decisions.


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