Monthly Archives: July 2011

August Goals

I have realised lately that I have been wandering and I have been lost.

This goes against what I wanted to set out to do with my blog. I wanted to show any readers and myself that I can wander and live without having to plan every singe detail out before hand. However I’ve been slacking and I have been paying for it, mainly through gaining weight 😦

There fore I am going into August with a fresh outlook and a plan. I am setting myself some goals and I am going to try very hard to stick to them all month.

In the past I have found setting my self weekly goals and to lists put too much pressure on me and so I am taking a fresh approach and laying them out for the month. I am not going to post my weight as I do not want this to become a weight loss blog. I want it to be about my life and right now this is what I am thinking about and is therefore my current adventure.

August Goals:

  • Track all my food and exercise on WLR
  • Stay as close to my calorie limit as possible
  • Try to exercise 5 times a week
  • Attend a course on improving self esteem
  • Read the August book club book
  • Clean my car
  • Blog
  • Book courses – photography, cupcake and possible one other
  • Book flights to Canada
  • Continue with ‘Me Time’ and counselling
  • Attend an Apple One to One workshop
  • Use my bike at least once a week
I have not set these as SMART Goals like I talked about in a previous post as I am currently putting too much pressure on myself and do not react well to failing (even when I set the goal to achieve) so I am keeping these simple.
The overall aim of all the goals is to help me develop a healthy lifestyle and reach a weight I am comfortable at, but also to have a fantastic time doing it! There in lies the challenge 🙂

Jars Glorious Jars (and a fig!)

I love reading foodie blogs and I have noticed that a lot of them use jars to sort their dry foods in and I love this idea. But I had no jars 😦

So yesterday I took a last-minute trip after work to Hobby Crafty (and other shops) to see if they had jars I could buy for a reasonable price.

And they did 🙂

So I bought 3 jars to store my oats, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in to start with.

I also found a spare jar in the cupboard and put my brazil nuts and almonds in that one. I now have a jar family of my own 🙂

Right now I’m sat outside with a beer and about to catch up my blog reading.

I also just tried the very first edible fig from my Mum’s fig tree! It was really nice. I feel bad that Mum and Dad are away but it feel off in my hand and therefore I couldn’t let it go to waste!