To Diet or Not to Diet

All week I’ve been having an argument in my head. Both sides have valid reasons for arguing, but there are also cons to both sides.

To diet or not to diet?

I have issues with food. I love food, but some love is not good for you.

I’ve talked about my journey with WeightWatchers, but I haven’t really talked about what I currently do.

I signed up to Weight Loss Resources and have been tracking (on and off) on there for almost 2 months after giving up WW earlier this year. I like the tracker. I like how you focus on overall calories, rather than points. Also I like the nutrition profile where it shows you the target amount of fat, carbs and protein you should have (this can be altered to suit you specific needs). As I learn more about nutrition I start to understand this profile and how it can impact on my body.  I also track with my friend Sian using Google Docs as totally copied from Shauna.

But I have issues with using food for more than subsistence.

I have been reading a lot of mindful or intuitive eating and it sounds like where I want to be, but I’m scared.

Diets are a way of control. They have rules to follow and if you do so you will be successful. However I am currently in a phase where I want to bend or even break the rules and therefore rebel against diets. I don’t currently consider my self to be on a diet, but I am watching what I eat and restricting the calories I have each day. So technically that is a diet, but it doesn’t have a specific name or brand – maybe calorie counting is a brand?

I feel I obsess about food. If I’m following a diet plan then I am following THE plan. There is no middle ground. I plan out my days and my weeks and if I don’t stick it I’m off the diet. Then whenever I slip I consider it a failure. This is illogical, but at the time it is the only thing that makes sense. This is ‘All or Nothing’ thinking and I now recognise it, but it is going to be very hard to get out of this mindset as I have learnt it over years, not overnight. I worry that any diet will cause me to obsess and get stuck in the success or failure cycle. I have to start recognising there is a middle ground and that is where I want to be.

I am trying a new thing over the next two weeks. I have set two weeks to make sure I give it a proper go and look at the trends. I am going to track food and mood everyday from waking to going to sleep. I have tracked food for years but I have never tracked my mood.

  • Time of Day and What I am Doing?
  • How does my body feel?
  • What did I eat and drink?
  • How do I feel? (before and after)
  • Who am I with?

I am nervous about this. Will I be honest? If not why can’t I be honest with myself? Will I now beat myself up in written words, rather than just in my head? Will I struggle to put my feelings into words?

Overall I need a change in my behaviour and I think recognising my emotions will help me to do that. Over the next two weeks I am not going to worry too much about actual calories, but focus on filling out my new tracker honestly.

One thing at a time.

Another one of life’s little adventures…


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