Take Time to Smell the Coffee

Today I forgot to bring more freshly ground coffee to work.

I love a mug of coffee either first thing when I get into work or mid morning. I take my time to drink and appreciate it.

In a previous post I have explained my love of coffee. It is not just the caffeine (once I find a nice decaf I will switch to drink that more often), it is the smell, taste, temperature and calmness it brings to me when sitting down and taking some time to enjoy my mug of coffee.

Today I resorted to having instant coffee. It was awful 😦

Why is instant coffee so bad? I decided to some investigation into how instant coffee is made and how different it is from the actual coffee bean.

This is what I found…

From Wikipedia:

  • Also known as soluble are powder
  • It’s a beverage derived from brewed coffee beans that is then freeze of spray dried
  • The advantages are:
    • speedy preparation
    • lower shipping weight than the same volume of beans
    • longer shelf life (as long as kept dry)
  • It was invented in 1901 but was not made in high volume until WW2
  • The caffeine content is generally less than that of brewed coffee

From this I picked up on that fact is it made from already brewed coffee, which is where the process normally ends for me. There fore there is more to making instant coffee than meets the eye, which is putting me off even more as it is being processed more than I think is necessary.

Next I went to Nestlefor more about the making process:

  • Blending – where different beans are put together to make a blend
  • Roasting – where the flavour and the aroma comes out
  • Grinding – the beans are then ground into a coarse powder
  • Extraction – gets the coffee flavour from the beans to the water
  • Drying – evaporating the water to get the instant coffee
  • Agglomeration – the powder is wetted slight to produce bigger granules for selling
  • Aromatisation – the aroma is put back the jars (WTF?)
  • Filling – the granules are put into the jars
  • Decaffeination – takes place during the green bean stage before roasting

The amount of processing that goes into creating instant coffee seems crazy to me. The best tastes and smells are found at the roasting and grinding stage. Instant coffee requires the smell to be put into the jars as it is no longer there after all the processing! This is CRAZY!

I will not be having instant coffee again. I would prefer to have plain hot water than have instant.

Although I have tried the Starbucks Via range which is made by a process of micro-grinding that is said to preserve all the essential oils and flavours of the coffee beans. I will admit that I did like it, however it is too expensive and I would prefer to buy a bag of beans and grind them myself and then take a bit more time over making then drinking it.

Coffee is a luxury to me and therefore I will buy good quality coffee beans and then I’ll always enjoy it when I drink it!


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