Am I a Mac?

At the weekend I took a trip to Bristol to visit my sister and to try the pasta we bought on our Italy trip. I decided I would go early so I could pop into the closest Apple store to me and fell in love.

Okay probably a bit extreme but I never thought a Mac could look so good and be so easy to use on first try. I loved that the store had loads of each computer out and available to try. I finally got the courage to ask to speak to someone after going for a coffee to set out my ideas.

My Ideal set up would be to get an iMac for my home then have a iPad and iPhone (already have) for portable use. However I do not have my own place right now and as I plan to travel this option is a bit silly to do right now.

Therefore I was looking at the Macbooks and I decided that I wanted to ask about:

  • Portability
  • Battery Life
  • Software
  • Updates
  • Use-ability
  • iCloud

The guy I spoke to was really nice and answered all my questions as well as showing me and letting me have a go at things that really interested me – iPhoto and iWeb. I was really surprised how easy it was to use and i loved the design of it and the software.

I have wanted a Mac since I bought my last laptop in 2007 for my Masters degree. I went for a PC as I needed easy compatibility with the university system and therefore went that way. As I was on Vista (awful) I knew I would be getting a new one when they announced Windows 7. The I went to a work conference in London and they had a raffle. I NEVER WIN RAFFLES – EVER! But this time I won a brand new Windows 7 laptop. WOW. I loved it. It saved me buying a new one myself.

But it was not the Mac I had planned on buying 😦

Fast forward to now, over a year later and I have started my blog, had an iPhone for 2 years and basically live on my laptop (and would more if I would carry it around).

So I went and looked in the Apple store for probably the 5 time this year. I considered getting an iPad, but they are just bigger iPhones really and you still need a computer to sync it to.  So a Macbook is the best option for me.

But do I want to spend that much money before I head off travelling (an update on this will be coming soon)? Also after having won a new laptop only last year (although my sister is up for having that one)?

Am I just being impulsive?


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