To Diet or Not to Diet Part 2

Earlier this month I wrote a called To Diet or Not to Diet. I was feeling a bit mixed up when I wrote this and felt as though I have to be doing something in order to be trying to lose weight.All I’ve been doing is gaining because I am not doing things for myself. I am doing them because other people think I should be. This will never work as my heart is not in it. It does not benefit me to do things others think I should be doing when I don’t want to.

I’ve really neglected everything over the last few weeks, expect exercise. I have been tracking with my friend Sian on our Google Doc spreadsheet, but my heart has not been in on.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last few weeks as well. I have been doing some reading, taking a course, and talking to a counsellor about my food issues (that sentence was hard to write).

This week something feels different. I don’t know what but something is rearranging inside my head and I want to do things for me, that previously I thought I was doing for other people.

My counsellor is great and I like talking to her. This week she recommended using technology to my advantage as I told her I feel awkward getting out my notebook to write a mood and food journal. Also I forget to do it more often than not.  So she suggested I set myself reminders in my phone (not at meal times) and to take some me time and then write in the notes what I am feeling so it just looks like I am texting. I was dubious to begin with, but set myself 4 reminders a day (might seem excessive but it works) and then I forget about it until my phone vibrates to remind me. This stops me obsessing about things and it reminds me to take a break from whatever I am doing and take care of my self for 1, 5, 10 minutes or however long I need.

I am trying to see my moods or anxiety on a scale and therefore picture where I think I am and where I would like to be. This is taking a bit of work but I like the idea as it helps me get away from thinking of the extremes.

From my 2 days (I know) of using my phone I have also decided to go back to food tracking on WLR (had taken a break). So I have set myself one reminder a day to sit down and track everything online. I don’t want to obsess like I used to and have the web page up all day at work and think about what I could or couldn’t have all the time. I plan to eat what I want by listening to my body and then track everything in the evening. I know what a healthy lifestyle involves and now need to trust myself to live it. Of course there will be days when I eat too much but that is not the end of the world; it is life. I just need to make sure I am aware of myself and not eating to fill come hole in my emotions.

I feel like this post has come out of nowhere a bit and I’m sure I will talk about things I may have skimmed over in time when I feel up to putting it in print.


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  1. Def understand where you are coming from….good luck!

  2. The phone thing is such a good idea. I just started using My Net Diary & I love it. It’s like a little game watching my nutrition progress. Lol 🙂

    • I’m really liking using my phone and setting the reminders helps so much 🙂
      Oh I never thought about it like that. I want to start looking at my progress so might as well have fun too 🙂

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