Today is the Day

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and also a slight change of direction for the blog that I originally intended but it is all part of the big adventure of life 🙂

I’ve been thinking about goals recently and over the weekend I thought about my life goals. Big and scary life goals, but basically thinking about what I want my life to be about. Most of them are very vague, but they are goals and I want to start living my life in order to achieve these goals, whether that is in a year or 10 years.

I have decided that:

  • I want to live a healthy life
  • I want to move out of my parents house
  • I want to support myself
  • I want to work for myself
  • I want to travel
  • I want a vegetable patch

The first one I can start now and chose to start now. If I want to live a healthy life I need to start living it. So I am going to start tracking what I eat and my calories on here. I am going to take inspiration from some of my favourite blogs and photograph a lot of my food. I believe this will help me appreciate food and take time to prepare it. I am going to use WLR to track my calories and each day I will post my photos and overall calories. I’m not going to do weight explicitly as I still find that too personal to share. This might change in the future.

The other goals are a bit vague, but I cans till live my life with the aim of working towards them. For example I can start saving for my own place. If the time is right I could rent in order to move out of my parents house. I can develop myself and my skills in order to be able to support myself. I can look into and learn about starting my own business. I can save for holidays. When I actually do move out I can chose somewhere where I can have my own vegetable garden or I could get an allotment.

All of these are achievable. I just have to start choosing to live in a way that works towards achieving them.

Today is the day to start living the life I want to live 🙂


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  1. I love the vibe, the abstract goals are the best. For me they define your core values, the things that will make you happy regardless of how you actually achieve them.

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