Weekday BBQ

A good day food wise, not so much work wise but never mind. I consumed 1775 calories and I felt pretty good all day. I know I could eat more but I feel satisfied with what I have had.

My day started with a yum but not normal breakfast of toast with cashew nut butter, organic raspberry jam and a sliced banana. Not forgetting my apple juice match shot 🙂

Next up I needed a snack mid morning so had a berry delight Nak’d bar.

I was lazy at lunch and grabbed a salad from Tesco. This is the only salad from there I like and it’s also the lowest calories 🙂

The afternoon was all about the water. Nice cold water in my trusty Sigg bottle and also a bottle of sparkling. The office was very stuffy all day and I wanted to keep hydrated.

I also needed a snack so had a lovely yogurt and some apple slices that came with my salad from earlier. Yay for healthy meal deals!

Then I came home and fixed a small bike computer to my bike so I will be able to tell my spend and distance from my rides, which I plan to take more of. I decided to have chicken for dinner this morning as I haven’t had meat for a few days. I also decided to out the BBQ on and grill some vegetables to go with my chicken.

After dinner I had a bite of Green & Blacks dark chocolate with cherries and then headed to book club to talk about You’re Next by Gregg Hurwitz and we all liked it. There were different opinions about difference bits and characters but everyone agreed it was a good read. Good choice Kayleigh!

This month we are reading The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly another one of Kayleigh’s choices (randomly generated).


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