Cinema Style

Today I started with a couple of dates with almond butter. A really good idea for a pre workout snack.

This was followed by a good, but hard 2750 metre swim. When I got home it was time for breakfast. I needed to use up my tub of greek yogurt. I had the yogurt with sunflower, chia and pumpkin seeds and oats and honey. I then topped with blackberries and blue berries.

I also had a mug of Popcorn Green Tea form Teapigs 🙂

I went out walking in the morning then came home and was tired so had a simple lunch. Toast. One side with garlic and chives cream cheese and the other with organic houmous. I also had a Nak’d Bar and a Nine Bar.

The afternoon was lazy. Just catching up on some blogs and lying around. Then I decided I wanted go the cinema. So I grabbed an omelette with cheese and onion for tea.

For dessert where the rest of my British cherries. SO good!

My friend Sian I headed to the cinema to see Horrible Bosses. I grabbed some sweet popcorn.

It was really funny. If you think you have an awful boss go see this as you definitely don’t! Jennifer Aniston was fantastic in it, totally different from her normal roles. I also loved Kevin Spacey who was very good at playing an evil guy.  A really good cast overall with some good cameos. I also loved that Sweets from Bones had a part in it!

I had a sweet tooth when I got home and had to pick up some bits from the shop so treated myself to the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream sandwich – YUM!

No time for bed to get up early for another swim session at 8am 🙂


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