Costa Cappuccino

Yesterday I decided to go to Costa Coffee and have another Adventure in Coffee.

Today it was a Medium Skinny Cappuccino.

And a Banoffee Cupcake 🙂

I decided to stop in as I wanted to glance through a book I just picked up from the library and ended up staying there for an hour!

I felt bad for eating a cupcake while reading a book on healthy eating. But it was what i was craving and it hit the spot. Plus it is the best cupcake ever 🙂

Back to the coffee! I loved the coffee. I rarely get a cappuccino, but today I had a bit of sweet tooth and the chocolate sprinkle on top adds that bit of sweetness without having to add sugar or syrup.

Normally this looks like the 3 coffee beans of the logo, but I was chatting to guy while he was shaking it on and it got a bit much. I’m not complaining though 😉

Overall a very good coffee to satisfy the sweet tooth. I think I would get the large next time though. The large is served in a bowl. I think it would be a good one to have on a cold day to hold in your hands and warm you up.


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