Stop Procrastinating

I need to stop procrastinating. I am the queen of putting things off and I want this to change.

I have just got back from my break and I have unpacked, put my clothes away, eaten and set up my computer again. I would not normally do this. I even put away my washing, which is something I am awful at doing. I would have normally dumped my suitcase and unpacked a bit as I needed it. The suitcase would have stayed on the floor until next week most likely.


Now I am ready to blog with a cup of calming tea.

I am back to the tracking today. I need to do this to be healthy as I eat mindlessly. I also forget what i’ve eaten on a day. How can I forget I ate a chocolate bar or sandwich? I have no idea, but it happens.  So tracking is the only way to start being the healthy me I want to be.

I have consumed 1489 calories today. 55% from Carbohydrates. 19% from protein and 26% from fat. This profile worked for me today. I am also going to keep an eye on this to see how my hunger levels react.

So what did I have?

Breakfast was a greek yogurt with honey and coffee.

I was surpassed this kept me going as long as it did. I would normally add oats and things. I think I need to have a rethink about breakfasts.

Onto lunch. I admit I was fairly hungry. I had to snack on an Eat Natural bar until I got back and could my lunch. I bought the prawn layered salad as I was feeling lazy. I also got a Starbuck Caramel light frappacino as it was hot! I sat down out on the balcony 🙂 I could get used to that!

It was then time to tidy the flat so my parents can just settle in when they next come down. I had my friends Patch and Sooty to keep me company.

I couldn’t decide what to have to dinner so headed home and stopped at the services on the way back. For once I didn’t want bread. That has to be a first for me. Bread is my got to lazy meal!

So I spied Marks and Spencer food and chose the Crayfish with noodles, asian style vegetables, edamame soya beans and a soy and ginger dressing. Wow they covered it all in the title. It was good!

I also grabbed some prepared fruit that was reduced 🙂 melon, grapes and pomegranate.

Overall a great day!


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