Back to Work

Back normal here at Wandering Angie means back to work. I’ll tell you more about what I do one day.

Today I’ve consumed 1849 calories. 45% from Carbohydrates. 16% from Protein. 39% from Fat. A little too much fat but overall not a bad day – I forgot to track my pre workout snack before I wrote that last sentence so I’ve had a few more calories than I wanted, but I needed them today (well except the biscuits).

I started the day not hungry at all! I’m unsure whether I should force myself to eat when I’m like this but I did. I threw a raspberry organic yogurt together with sunflower, pumpkin and chia seeds as well as oats and a banana. Not forgetting my apple juice matcha shot.

Then off to work I went. I was okay all morning so that was a good breakfast. I then had a pre work out snack of almonds, dates and brazil nuts.

I headed off to Body Pump to meet my friend Linz. I was so glad she went as I think I would have skipped it. I’m not good at lunchtime workouts, but I actually really enjoyed it and it kept me more awake in the afternoon 🙂 Also my bag always encourages me!


Back to the office for lunch of a bagel with garlic cheese (haha had to use it up) and a Nak’d Bar. I’m totally lacking in the lunch department and I plan to work on this.

Mid afternoon came around and I knew that lunch was not good enough. An organic fruit and oat bar was called for.

The end of work came around and I got ready to head off to a course. I decided I couldn’t wait until I got home at 9pm to eat so I spotted off and picked something up. A tuna and mixed bean salad. It was really good. I am going to copy this for lunch.

At my course I gave in and had a couple of biscuits with my coffee. I shouldn’t have had 2. I only wanted one but 2 came out together (I know I know no excuse) and I should have just no eaten it, but I was getting tired.

As I had forgotten my pre workout snack I decided to have something extra for supper I suppose. A fried egg on toast. It hit the spot as it was hot I think.

Not a bad day really. It did highlight that I still forget what I eat, but I do stick to a reasonable amount of calories so I’m happy as I am listening to my body and it’s signals. One day at a time 🙂



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