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Zumba Party

Today has turned out alright. I’m surprised as I still haven’t got organised on lunches, but I will 🙂

I have consumed 1544 calories. 45% from carbohydrates. 16% from protein. 39% from fat. I need to take a look at what I eat that has the fat in and make some changes I think.

This morning started with overnight oats based on a recipe from KERF. I threw in dark chocolate chips, organic dried cranberries and sultanas and had a spoon of almond butter on top.

In work was a productive morning working on spreadsheets. It is sad that this is my favourite thing? Well never mind it is 🙂

I had some fruit during the day. (Smily face was not intentional, but makes me happy).

Lunch could have been a disaster as I didn’t bring anything again. I went to the restaurant at work and ordered a small whole wheat roll with houmous and salad. It was okay. I would prefer something from home.

I like the photos I’m taking. I taking tips from other blogs at the moment but I still have a lot to learn. In the afternoon I had a yogurt to keep me going. On the way home I dropped by the library to pick up some books I reserved. Lots to read now. I then decided to stop in Costa for a coffee and an hour of reading the Superfoods Healthstyle book. I’m finding it really interesting.

Also a latte 🙂

The home to get ready for a bike ride, but it rained. So Sian suggested a Zumba Party. I had some Salmon and avocado salad before I headed over there. Cooked by my mum 🙂

Zumba party hilarity ensued. It was hard work though. Sian had the game for the Wii. It was funny. We couldn’t keep up, but we supposedly did quite well. It was a lot more aerobic than I thought it was going to be. We also made a promise to actually go for a bike ride at some point (Right Sian and Jen?).

Arrived home in time to blog and have seem fruit and granola. The raspberries were too sharp, but the mango was great!

Good night all! Got to be up early for swimming!


Back to Work

Back normal here at Wandering Angie means back to work. I’ll tell you more about what I do one day.

Today I’ve consumed 1849 calories. 45% from Carbohydrates. 16% from Protein. 39% from Fat. A little too much fat but overall not a bad day – I forgot to track my pre workout snack before I wrote that last sentence so I’ve had a few more calories than I wanted, but I needed them today (well except the biscuits).

I started the day not hungry at all! I’m unsure whether I should force myself to eat when I’m like this but I did. I threw a raspberry organic yogurt together with sunflower, pumpkin and chia seeds as well as oats and a banana. Not forgetting my apple juice matcha shot.

Then off to work I went. I was okay all morning so that was a good breakfast. I then had a pre work out snack of almonds, dates and brazil nuts.

I headed off to Body Pump to meet my friend Linz. I was so glad she went as I think I would have skipped it. I’m not good at lunchtime workouts, but I actually really enjoyed it and it kept me more awake in the afternoon 🙂 Also my bag always encourages me!


Back to the office for lunch of a bagel with garlic cheese (haha had to use it up) and a Nak’d Bar. I’m totally lacking in the lunch department and I plan to work on this.

Mid afternoon came around and I knew that lunch was not good enough. An organic fruit and oat bar was called for.

The end of work came around and I got ready to head off to a course. I decided I couldn’t wait until I got home at 9pm to eat so I spotted off and picked something up. A tuna and mixed bean salad. It was really good. I am going to copy this for lunch.

At my course I gave in and had a couple of biscuits with my coffee. I shouldn’t have had 2. I only wanted one but 2 came out together (I know I know no excuse) and I should have just no eaten it, but I was getting tired.

As I had forgotten my pre workout snack I decided to have something extra for supper I suppose. A fried egg on toast. It hit the spot as it was hot I think.

Not a bad day really. It did highlight that I still forget what I eat, but I do stick to a reasonable amount of calories so I’m happy as I am listening to my body and it’s signals. One day at a time 🙂