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Jars Glorious Jars (and a fig!)

I love reading foodie blogs and I have noticed that a lot of them use jars to sort their dry foods in and I love this idea. But I had no jars 😦

So yesterday I took a last-minute trip after work to Hobby Crafty (and other shops) to see if they had jars I could buy for a reasonable price.

And they did 🙂

So I bought 3 jars to store my oats, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in to start with.

I also found a spare jar in the cupboard and put my brazil nuts and almonds in that one. I now have a jar family of my own 🙂

Right now I’m sat outside with a beer and about to catch up my blog reading.

I also just tried the very first edible fig from my Mum’s fig tree! It was really nice. I feel bad that Mum and Dad are away but it feel off in my hand and therefore I couldn’t let it go to waste!


Adventures in Food… Yo Sushi

This week I treated my self to a trip to Yo! Sushi

I love sushi but rarely get to have it as there is nowhere near where I live that does good sushi. Yo Sushi is a chain but it serves good fresh food and I love the conveyor belt system 🙂

I usually pick things of the belt and spend ages waiting for things to come round. This time I went in and on the paper place mats they had a series of set meals that all sounded great. Also it made it a lot easier to choose what to have. I knew I was quite hungry and as I had been computer shopping I needed to have a sit down and relax for half an hour.

So I order miso soup and the Fill Me Up Set menu.


Then on the main event 🙂

I love watching the conveyor going round and this time they had added the dessert train!

This made me smile but I was pretty full from my meal so let the train pass me by this time 🙂