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GoodReads Book Club

Since starting a book club with my friends I decided I should expand my reading experience further as I definitely read more than one book a month 🙂

I found the goodreads website a good few years ago and love keeping track of what I have read over the years. This year I joined the 2011 challenge and am on track to read 50 books during the year.

I also decided to sign up to the goodreads book club for June and July and read A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan.

I don’t like it 😦

I’m quite sad about this, but there is something about it that doesn’t click with me. Each chapter focuses on a different character at a different time in their lives. You see the characters in the chapters before and after normally so you see how they are linked through the book. I like to get to know characters and I found that only seeing the characters for a short amount of time does not suit my need for character development and to be able to feel for or relate to them in some way.

The writing style I did like. It is fairly easy to read and keeps flowing. But this is not enough to keep my attention.

I picked it up to continue last night and just could not do it. 66% done and I can’t read anymore of it.

Life is too short to read bad books

I like this saying but I think I would change it to books you don’t enjoy rather than ‘bad’ as I don’t think all books I don’t like are bad, I just didn’t click with them, whereas other people do.

I’m glad I read most of it in some ways, but then feel I’ve wasted good reading time on something I wasn’t enjoying, but I’m not good at stopping reading a book once I’ve invested time in starting it and giving it enough time to make my mind up.

What do you think? If you don’t like a book you start reading would you stop reading it before finishing?


Books vs. Kindle

It’s a bit of a technology day today 🙂

I love real books, as can be seen by the amount I have on my bookshelf:


But I also love my Kindle.

I honestly never thought I would switch (not all of the time) to an e-book reader, but it was easier than I thought.

I love reading and with my Canada trip coming up and remembering the amount of book I had to send home last time, I decided to get myself a Kindle. I got it a few months ago now as I also wanted plenty of time to get used to it and gradually build up a book collection on there.

The great think about the Kindle is the amount of books it stores. I love having access to a library in my bag. I also love being able to go online and buying a book and start reading it instantly (this is probably bad for my impulse buying problem though). I also like that it is customisable with regards to font size and line spacing. I love to have as many words on the page at once so I don’t have to turn the page very often, but it is also good for when I’m a bit tired and need a larger font to read. I love that I can read it in any position I want (even upside down) and it doesn’t matter.

Also the amount of free (and cheap) books is amazing. Most of them are probably rubbish, but I’ve bought a few and enjoyed some quick holiday reads. Being able to get the classics free is great as there are loads that I’ve always wanted to try and read and when they are free I don’t mind if I do.

The down side is not having the real book in your hands. Nothing beats the smell, texture and weight of a real book. So there will always be times I will buy the real book over an electronic version. But there will also be times when I’ll buy the electronic version when I already have the real version (Lord of the Rings I’ve already got and I’m sure I’ll get Harry Potter if it comes out).

I bought a nice cover for my Kindle, but I have been starting to take it out of it and hold just the Kindle as it is lighter on it’s own.


So I bought myself a Gelaskin to put on it.





However this doesn’t protect the screen, so now I’m thinking I still need something to put it in. Maybe a zipped sleeve like this…


Therefore I’m not really making the switch to the Kindle exclusively. I will still buy real books, I will still borrow books from the library. But for convenience and travelling noting beats having 50 books to choose from when you are not near you bookshelf 🙂