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If There’s a Plan, There Is a Way.

‘A plan is typically any diagram or list of steps with timing and resources, used to achieve an objective’ Wikipedia

I am a girl of plans. I love to plan, it keeps me sane. However I also know I have the tendency to over plan. Planning is like action to me. It allows me to live in the now by planning for the future. It is obsessive and I recognise this and am doing my best to work with it and be more flexible.

My plan for Canada has changed so many time that even I have lost track of how plans there have been! However now my Lonely Planet guide has arrived and I am committed to going in January (even if my work have not confirmed the unpaid leave yet) I am in planning mode.

I want to go with the flow as much as possible as that is what I ‘planned’ to do when I would have been heading out with the objective of finding work so I could stay out there for up to a year. However now I’ll only be there 3 months the emphasis on that objective has changed. I think my objective now is to relax. I want a break from my current life more than anything. So I have planned (I know, I know) an outline trip 🙂

Must Do While in Vancouver:

  • Explore Vancouver completely
  • Ski in Whistler
  • Ski Grouse Mountain
  • Explore Victoria
  • Explore Seattle
  • Go to Grounds for Coffee for an amazing cinnamon bun for my Birthday 🙂

At the moment I am thinking a week going to each place (not the coffee shop, although… no) when I arrive then spend the rest of the time in Vancouver doing:

  • Exercise
  • Blogging
  • Job research
  • Career change research
  • Future travel research – New Zealand with Sian 🙂
  • Drinking coffee
  • Eating amazing seafood 🙂

Basically I’m going to live the life I would love to live if I didn’t have to work 🙂

Next step is booking the flight and then the first weeks accommodation – then it will be real!

I also began thinking about when I would be coming back and made a savings plan for future travel.

I need to focus on living in the present, but that is for another post.



Why Canada?

So, why Canada?

That’s the first question most people ask when I tell them I’m going to Canada to on a working holiday visa.Most people chose Australia or New Zealand to get a working visa, but I’ve chosen Canada. I’ve been lucky enough to visit all three of these places but I still chose Canada (I may go to OZ and NZ after, you never know!).


Because I’ve lived there for a year before.

 Even Smaller Photo

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It made it a simple choice really. I spent a year in Vancouver studying at the University of British Columbia for a year of my degree. I loved it. I loved Vancouver, the people, the places, the sea, the mountains, the food, the parks, I loved everything.

I made some good friends.


I’ve been back a few times since and it felt like home away from home.


I can’t wait to go back for however long I’m there!