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Weekly Wanderings…

Here are where my wanderings have taken me in blogworld this week.  I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Rich from over at A Rich Life sent me this article called ‘You Are Not Running Out of Time; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Enjoy Infinity’. A really good essay that resonated with me and my current situation.

A great post over at That F**king Hippy (Sorry I can’t bring myself to swear on here) on How to Reprogramme a Person, Hopefully. It’s about yourself and changing things that stop you doing things.

Matt over at No Meat Athlete has written a great post on The Only Healthy Eating Guide You’ll Ever Need. It really is simple and this is the approach I would like to take. I am working towards buying on whole foods and getting rid of all the processed foods. This is a post I will be keeping to hand to remind of the basics.

Who knew parts of our bodies that we often hate don’t even exist?

Mizfit introduced us to Hank and that led me over to his blog called The Business of losing Weight.

This article called You Can’t Fix a Body you Hate was linked to on Twitter and it’s an interesting and worthwhile read.

Laura from Becoming the Odd Duck gave me a shout out – My First One! Thanks Laura! She also reminded me about remembering the smaller, everyday things in life we take for granted and her post call Behind the Scenes takes this step.