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Cycling Along the Sea Front

Today has been a good day.

I had a nice lie in then a nice breakfast of banana, almond butter and jam on toast.

I then sat down and read my travel books to decide on what flight I should book for my Work Canada Trip.

I then sat down with the laptop to research flights. With a great view to keep ,me company 🙂

My battery was then running and I didn’t want to sit at the table. I decided to take a break and go buy a new portable hard drive (for travelling of course). However I got distracted by other shops and cam back with a bit more than just a hard drive.

Can’t wait to read the books! These are the first ones, part from the travel ones that I’ve bought since getting the Kindle. It felt good to look at actual books again.

I then sorted out my flights and insurance. I’m now all ready to go in January 🙂 I celebrated with a peppermint tea.

For lunch/dinner I grilled up some vegetables and halloumi cheese.  Simple but so good.

As it was such a lovely evening out I decided to up my cycling. I went all the way along the front to Poole. 10 mile return trip! It felt great to be out on my bike on the sea front.  It also helped that the route is totally flat 😉

Also I caught sight of the balloon that goes up in Bournemouth. My parents had said it was working again but this is the first time I have ever seen it up.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back to the food tracking tomorrow 🙂




Purple Fingers

Today I’ve had 1812 calories. I’m still a little hungry but not really. If I do have anything else it will be fruit, but I am hoping to get an early night. I know it’s Friday but I would like and early night.

The day started with toast with almond butter, jam and banana and my apple juice match shot.

Once in work I had a Nak’d bar in the morning.

Lunch was a houmous and roasted vegetable sandwich from the restaurant in work.

I had a mini picnic outside. I couldn’t eat the whole thing so only had one half. I also enjoyed some cherries, blueberries and blackberries.

This was how I ended up with purple fingers 🙂

I left work early this afternoon. I love flexi-time! I went to library to pick up some books for next week . I decided to stop in Costa for a coffee and snack before heading home. I had a banoffee cupcake – heaven!

I got home and decided to get out on my bike for half an hour before cooking. I’m really glad I did as it wasn’t planned, but it felt great.

I cooked dinner for myself and my parents tonight on the BBQ. I had some salmon, prawns, sweetcorn, courgette, mushrooms and a bit of baked potato. Overall a great dinner.

I had a lovely cold glass of sparkling water with organic blueberry cordial. So refreshing 🙂

A very enjoyable day of food.