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Unintentional Cheesy Day

I have no idea what to call these posts. I was trying to think of a catchy title but I think I will just go with the flow.

So today was cheesy 🙂

Breakfast was before I decided to take photos of my food, but I had my favourite of greek yogurt, honey, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats and a sliced banana. I also have an apple juice first thing with Tea Pigs Matcha green tea.  This breakfast always gets me off to a good start and I really enjoy it! Lunch came next and as I was near my house I decided to have lunch at home, which I really need to do more often. Today I decided I wanted halloumi cheese so I created and open grilled halloumi and salad sandwich.

I also had the last of my cherry cordial with sparkling water. For dessert I had some fantastic Green & Blacks dark chocolate with espresso.

In the afternoon at work I had a fruit yogurt and Original 9 Bar (seeds) so I has enough energy for Body Jam and Body Pump. I had a great workout. Jam was fun, but I lack the coordination so I will be just doing that when I fancy a change. Pump was great as  lifted the same weights but went up on my back weight. It was so hot that I looked like I’d taken a shower in my clothes 🙂

So a shower had to be taken before dinner, but that gave me more chance to think about what I wanted. I decided I wanted a feta omelette. So I did with some tomatoes and onion and a salad on the side. It was so good.

So my calorie total for the day was 1877. This is a bit more that I wanted, but I have a few things I can change like switching to a lower fat greek yogurt.

I’m currently sat outside blogging, which is great.

But as I’m already in my pyjamas and I’m in the UK, my feet are getting cold and that tells me it’s time to head inside 🙂


Swapping Swimming for Hog Roast

So this weekend was supposed to be my Pier to Pier swim down in Bournemouth, but it was postponed due to severe weather predicted for the weekend, including 2 metre high waves 😦

When I got up this morning the waves were definitely higher than I would have wanted.

So what is a girl to do instead of swim? Go to a local hog roast of course 🙂

 So even though I couldn’t swim in the race this weekend, it will be rearranged and we got to have hog roast so it was a good weekend overall 🙂