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Purple Fingers

Today I’ve had 1812 calories. I’m still a little hungry but not really. If I do have anything else it will be fruit, but I am hoping to get an early night. I know it’s Friday but I would like and early night.

The day started with toast with almond butter, jam and banana and my apple juice match shot.

Once in work I had a Nak’d bar in the morning.

Lunch was a houmous and roasted vegetable sandwich from the restaurant in work.

I had a mini picnic outside. I couldn’t eat the whole thing so only had one half. I also enjoyed some cherries, blueberries and blackberries.

This was how I ended up with purple fingers 🙂

I left work early this afternoon. I love flexi-time! I went to library to pick up some books for next week . I decided to stop in Costa for a coffee and snack before heading home. I had a banoffee cupcake – heaven!

I got home and decided to get out on my bike for half an hour before cooking. I’m really glad I did as it wasn’t planned, but it felt great.

I cooked dinner for myself and my parents tonight on the BBQ. I had some salmon, prawns, sweetcorn, courgette, mushrooms and a bit of baked potato. Overall a great dinner.

I had a lovely cold glass of sparkling water with organic blueberry cordial. So refreshing 🙂

A very enjoyable day of food.


A Day of Balance

Hi Everyone 🙂

I consumed 2008 calories today. A few more than I would have liked but not bad as I did a lot of snacking today.

This morning started at 7am with my favourite breakfast. Greek yogurt with chia, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, honey and banana. I also tried to do an ‘arty’ shot 🙂

I also remembered to grab a photo of my apple juice match shot before I downed it!

Then into work. It was a snacking day like I said. I had a Fruitus bar and a Nak’d bar at some point. Lunch was quickly snapped on the phone. A multi seed bagel with organic houmous and mixed organic leaves. Apologies for the blurry photo. I must get over worrying about taking photos of food when I’m out.

I also had a yogurt and in the afternoon after Body Balance. It was great to stretch but I went back to work a bit sweaty as it was really muggy and humid. I love my yoga mat. I just love trees 🙂

I stayed in work later than normal because I took the balance class and also I had to be in Swindon for a course at 6:30pm. I needed a snack before the course so headed to a supermarket hoping I wouldn’t be craving an eating session. I didn’t know what I fancied but then saw this and it was fantastic! I need to learn how to make the dip.

I feel like I’ve had a lazy food day and just wanted simple when I got home. So I had an omelette with 3 eggs and a dash of milk filled with garlic and chives soft cheese. It was heaven.

Goodnight and see you tomorrow!