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Life List

Hi Everyone!

I’m still getting used to blogging and I know I have lots to learn, but I have already planned a list of posts I want to share with you, but as i do not want to overwhelm myself or you lovely readers I will restrain myself and post regularly over the coming months as I get ready to head to Canada (a post on this will be coming soon).

But I thought you might like to get to know me a bit better first!

Some of the things I’ve done in my life so far:

  • Attempted to climb Kilimanjaro
  • Trekked the Inca Trail in Peru
  • Been to Everest Base Camp
  • Visited Australia
  • Visited New Zealand
  • Visited Tibet
  • Got a Bachelors in Geography at Lancaster and Vancouver
  • Got a Masters in Sustainable Energy at Cardiff
  • Sky dived
  • Bungee jumped
  • Learnt to scuba dive
  • Learnt to ski
  • Been a lifeguard
  • Lost 75 pounds (put 25 back on)
  • Climbed Snowdon (twice)
  • Swum the Channel (twice – in a pool :))


My Kilimanjaro attempt in 2010 was not a success (this is a before photo!)

But was Masters degree was!


Most of things in my list I have been successful at, but there are also a few things that have not gone to plan and I’ll be making sure I write about those adventures as well.

I’ve also created a life list over at – feel free to take a look and check back for my progress! A lot of these I would like to do before I’m 30, but know that not all of them will be possible.

This post should give you (and me) a better idea of what this blog will be about in the future and help me to wander through my life and make the most of every day.