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Weekly Wanderings…

This week I’ve been feeling much better than I have in a while and after a few hard to write posts I want to lighten things up.

Here are my weekly wanderings:

Kath over at Kath Eats Real Food posted her story about becoming a Registered Dietitian. A really interesting post that shows it is about more than just nutrition.

Here’s an interesting article  from the NHS on calories labels for food outlets such as MacDonald’s. I’m not a fast food eater any more but I would find it helpful to have the labels, but maybe people who visit these places aren’t there for the nutritional information, just the food.

A great post over at Medicinal Marzipan on saying no and no thank you.

Susan over at The Great Balancing Act went back through her blog and highlighted some great posts this week and I found the one on Writing Tips for Bloggers really helpful.

An interesting overview of supplements can be found in this publication from the NHS. It doesn’t answer whether you should take supplements but it provides an interesting overview of what they do and do not do.

And here are some fun things I’ve found this week  from Pinterest 🙂


A few random things…

Here are a few things I have found on Pinterest recently 🙂

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