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School Days

Last night my friends Sian and I headed back to our old primary school to have a peak at how much it has changed since we were there from 1990 to 1996 (Argh so long ago!)


It was fun as our friend Jen showed us around as she is now a teacher there. We went around all the classes and it brought up some funny memories for me and Sian. We remembered things we had totally forgotten about! It has changed so so much since we were last there. It looks the same in places yet so different in others.IMG_0605

(This was just brick now they’ve painted it – so fun!)


(The hall is bigger, but feels so small. Still the exact same school benches though!)

After looking around I have to say I felt a bit old, but now I think about it, I felt older, not old. I loved being at that school and I have mainly good memories from my time there. Of course there still a few horrible memories that flash up for no reason, other than I am probably feeling similar feelings at the moment and not dealt with them properly.

It has made me think about my hometown a bit more. Sian and I are planning on going for a wander around it this weekend with our cameras. It will be nice to taken some photos and look at the town in more detail as I definitely take it for granted that it is there. Also we might get some good shot for photography club!