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Remember What We Have


Weekly Wanderings…

Hi everyone 🙂 I’ve been doing a lot reading this week!

Here is where I have been wandering online in the last week:

A great post on Control by Kepa over at the The Fat Lazy Guy’s Log. I can relate to how Kepa feels and I think it is amazing he has been able to put such a complicated feeling/action/issue into words.

Go and check out the amazing efforts of the blogging community by looking at The Great Fundraising Act that happened earlier this week. All for Susan at The Great Balance Act. Just amazing 🙂

I’m loving the costumes from Comic Con! Some people are so amazing. I could never dress up like they do, but I want to go to Comic Con one year 🙂

Another fabulous post by Sally on Self Love fluctuations at Already Pretty.

A good article on Dieting blues:

A lovely article here about ditching the diet and eating for you :

An inspiring post to which I aspire.

An article all about sushi:

Another great article about knowing when you are at your feel good weight :

A travel article pointing out some great websites:

I totally got lazy with the links tonight and I apologise. I’m so tired but wanted to share 🙂