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Zumba Party

Today has turned out alright. I’m surprised as I still haven’t got organised on lunches, but I will 🙂

I have consumed 1544 calories. 45% from carbohydrates. 16% from protein. 39% from fat. I need to take a look at what I eat that has the fat in and make some changes I think.

This morning started with overnight oats based on a recipe from KERF. I threw in dark chocolate chips, organic dried cranberries and sultanas and had a spoon of almond butter on top.

In work was a productive morning working on spreadsheets. It is sad that this is my favourite thing? Well never mind it is 🙂

I had some fruit during the day. (Smily face was not intentional, but makes me happy).

Lunch could have been a disaster as I didn’t bring anything again. I went to the restaurant at work and ordered a small whole wheat roll with houmous and salad. It was okay. I would prefer something from home.

I like the photos I’m taking. I taking tips from other blogs at the moment but I still have a lot to learn. In the afternoon I had a yogurt to keep me going. On the way home I dropped by the library to pick up some books I reserved. Lots to read now. I then decided to stop in Costa for a coffee and an hour of reading the Superfoods Healthstyle book. I’m finding it really interesting.

Also a latte 🙂

The home to get ready for a bike ride, but it rained. So Sian suggested a Zumba Party. I had some Salmon and avocado salad before I headed over there. Cooked by my mum 🙂

Zumba party hilarity ensued. It was hard work though. Sian had the game for the Wii. It was funny. We couldn’t keep up, but we supposedly did quite well. It was a lot more aerobic than I thought it was going to be. We also made a promise to actually go for a bike ride at some point (Right Sian and Jen?).

Arrived home in time to blog and have seem fruit and granola. The raspberries were too sharp, but the mango was great!

Good night all! Got to be up early for swimming!


Stop Procrastinating

I need to stop procrastinating. I am the queen of putting things off and I want this to change.

I have just got back from my break and I have unpacked, put my clothes away, eaten and set up my computer again. I would not normally do this. I even put away my washing, which is something I am awful at doing. I would have normally dumped my suitcase and unpacked a bit as I needed it. The suitcase would have stayed on the floor until next week most likely.


Now I am ready to blog with a cup of calming tea.

I am back to the tracking today. I need to do this to be healthy as I eat mindlessly. I also forget what i’ve eaten on a day. How can I forget I ate a chocolate bar or sandwich? I have no idea, but it happens.  So tracking is the only way to start being the healthy me I want to be.

I have consumed 1489 calories today. 55% from Carbohydrates. 19% from protein and 26% from fat. This profile worked for me today. I am also going to keep an eye on this to see how my hunger levels react.

So what did I have?

Breakfast was a greek yogurt with honey and coffee.

I was surpassed this kept me going as long as it did. I would normally add oats and things. I think I need to have a rethink about breakfasts.

Onto lunch. I admit I was fairly hungry. I had to snack on an Eat Natural bar until I got back and could my lunch. I bought the prawn layered salad as I was feeling lazy. I also got a Starbuck Caramel light frappacino as it was hot! I sat down out on the balcony 🙂 I could get used to that!

It was then time to tidy the flat so my parents can just settle in when they next come down. I had my friends Patch and Sooty to keep me company.

I couldn’t decide what to have to dinner so headed home and stopped at the services on the way back. For once I didn’t want bread. That has to be a first for me. Bread is my got to lazy meal!

So I spied Marks and Spencer food and chose the Crayfish with noodles, asian style vegetables, edamame soya beans and a soy and ginger dressing. Wow they covered it all in the title. It was good!

I also grabbed some prepared fruit that was reduced 🙂 melon, grapes and pomegranate.

Overall a great day!