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Adventures in Food… Yo Sushi

This week I treated my self to a trip to Yo! Sushi

I love sushi but rarely get to have it as there is nowhere near where I live that does good sushi. Yo Sushi is a chain but it serves good fresh food and I love the conveyor belt system 🙂

I usually pick things of the belt and spend ages waiting for things to come round. This time I went in and on the paper place mats they had a series of set meals that all sounded great. Also it made it a lot easier to choose what to have. I knew I was quite hungry and as I had been computer shopping I needed to have a sit down and relax for half an hour.

So I order miso soup and the Fill Me Up Set menu.


Then on the main event 🙂

I love watching the conveyor going round and this time they had added the dessert train!

This made me smile but I was pretty full from my meal so let the train pass me by this time 🙂


Harry Potter Farewell

Last night was amazing!

My friend Ingrid and I got together in Bristol to watch the last Harry Potter movie. We decided to go the the double showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2 at 9pm (then 12:01am) 🙂

We first went out to dinner at Giraffe and had a good catch  up over some amazing food. I had the vegetable burrito:


And Ingrid had the Chicken enchilada and we shared some skin on fries. SO GOOD!

We the got in the line foe the movie.

No one was dressed up but the line was fun to stand and talk to other excited people 🙂

Ingrid made Harry Potter cookies and I put together some sweet bags for our adventure, including sherbet lemons 🙂

Me in Ravenclaw

Ingrid in Hufflepuff




It was AMAZING and so much fun! The movie was great but we were a bit sad that it was the last one 😦

I will now re-read all the books over the summer 🙂