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August Goals

I have realised lately that I have been wandering and I have been lost.

This goes against what I wanted to set out to do with my blog. I wanted to show any readers and myself that I can wander and live without having to plan every singe detail out before hand. However I’ve been slacking and I have been paying for it, mainly through gaining weight 😦

There fore I am going into August with a fresh outlook and a plan. I am setting myself some goals and I am going to try very hard to stick to them all month.

In the past I have found setting my self weekly goals and to lists put too much pressure on me and so I am taking a fresh approach and laying them out for the month. I am not going to post my weight as I do not want this to become a weight loss blog. I want it to be about my life and right now this is what I am thinking about and is therefore my current adventure.

August Goals:

  • Track all my food and exercise on WLR
  • Stay as close to my calorie limit as possible
  • Try to exercise 5 times a week
  • Attend a course on improving self esteem
  • Read the August book club book
  • Clean my car
  • Blog
  • Book courses – photography, cupcake and possible one other
  • Book flights to Canada
  • Continue with ‘Me Time’ and counselling
  • Attend an Apple One to One workshop
  • Use my bike at least once a week
I have not set these as SMART Goals like I talked about in a previous post as I am currently putting too much pressure on myself and do not react well to failing (even when I set the goal to achieve) so I am keeping these simple.
The overall aim of all the goals is to help me develop a healthy lifestyle and reach a weight I am comfortable at, but also to have a fantastic time doing it! There in lies the challenge 🙂

Wandering Around the Amalfi Coast

I’ve just gotten back from an amazing trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy – everyone should take time to visit the area. It has stunning views, walking, people and of course fabulous food!

I went with my sister, Helen, and we had a great time. We used Exodus, who I’ve been on a few holidays with before and have had fantastic holidays. Going with a group really takes the stress away from planning the trip and finding your way around when you first arrive, which means you can fully enjoy the break. Although there are times when it it fun to explore and discover places totally on your own, but this time a planned trip was needed so I didn’t have to.


Packing using my new luggage and my trusty back pack.

Amalfi Coast Canon 023

Amalfi Coast Canon 028
The arrival was not a good start…

Amalfi Coast Canon 032

But it got better and the first walk left straight from the hotel and up above the town of Bomberano to get great views of the area.

Amalfi Coast SLR 003

Amalfi Coast SLR 026

Amalfi Coast Canon 035

The second walk of the week also left the hotel and header towards the coast and the town of Amalfi. Then catching the local bus back up the hill to Bomerano, which was an experience in it self. I would not like to drive along those snaking roads at all!

Amalfi Coast Canon 101

Amalfi Coast Canon 112

Amalfi Coast Canon 109

Amalfi Coast Canon 117Amalfi Coast Canon 116

The 3rd day of the trip was a break from walking, with a visit to Pompeii and Vesuvius. I loved this day for the trip as I am fascinated by the history and what the earth can do to an area. It was unreal seeing the town in reality, especially with Vesuvius sleeping in the background.

Amalfi Coast SLR 156

Amalfi Coast SLR 173

Amalfi Coast SLR 179

Amalfi Coast SLR 222

Amalfi Coast SLR 254

Amalfi Coast SLR 273

Amalfi Coast SLR 281

The next day was another walk to Amalfi, but by another route and it was beautiful.

Amalfi Coast SLR 292Amalfi Coast SLR 305

Amalfi Coast SLR 328

Amalfi Coast SLR 332

Amalfi Coast SLR 337

Another free day followed and we decided to go to Herculaneum and Ravello for more site seeing and relaxing. Also some shopping for limoncello and pasta!

Amalfi Coast SLR 341

Amalfi Coast Canon 160

Amalfi Coast Canon 164

Amalfi Coast SLR 356Amalfi Coast SLR 348

Amalfi Coast SLR 388

Amalfi Coast SLR 416

Amalfi Coast SLR 422

Amalfi Coast SLR 428

Amalfi Coast SLR 429

The last day was the Walk of the Gods along the coast to Positano, which is involved over 1500 steps down to the town, which meant a well deserved ice cream at the bottom. The trip ended with a beautiful boat ride along the coast back to Amalfi.

Amalfi Coast SLR 445

Amalfi Coast SLR 453

Amalfi Coast SLR 461Amalfi Coast SLR 465

Amalfi Coast SLR 467

Amalfi Coast SLR 469

Amalfi Coast SLR 494

The food in Italy was amazing so I’m going to post about that separately as his could be a very long post otherwise.

Overall it was an amazing holiday wandering around the Amalfi Coast, but I could use another one or at least a week off to catch up on sleep after the 4am wake up call to catch the flight home!

Pocket Expresso anyone?




Amalfi Coast Canon 233